No Need To Worry !

You deserve to have a home free of bugs and rodents. IC Pest Control will help you get rid of those unwanted guests by utilizing the most powerful methods available. We have treatments available that will eliminate termites, rats, cockroaches, spiders, and more. At IC Pest Control customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We understand every client has unique needs and tailor our services to specifically target your pest problem.

Company Info

IC Pest Control is a family owned business that has been providing quality service at competitive prices for over 40 years. We understand the need to protect our environment from pests as well as unnecessary use of pesticides. We believe in an integrated pest management pro-gram.

Why IC Pest Control?

Because We Pledge to You:

    I am here to serve you
    I will always look professional
    I will be courteous and respectful
    I will talk with you to understand what your need is
    I will inspect your property so I can identify the problem
    I will recommend an action plan to resolve the issue
    I will explain what I did and what you can expect
    I will follow-up with you after each service and before your next service

IC Pest Control Clients